Australian Agave NFT the next step in spirits premiumisation
December 14, 2021

Top Shelf International (TSI) has today announced the next step in the premiumisation of spirits globally with the launch of the Australian Agave NFT. 

The program is the next step in the premiumisation of spirits globally. We have taken the rapidly emerging popularity of non-fungible tokens - most commonly utilised for digital assets -and applied them to ownership of unique, real world items.

No other spirits company in the world is connecting technology, bespoke distillation and cutting edge plant-to-bottle production in this way.

Visit the Australian Agave NFT website

The one-of-a-kind offer will provide each NFT owner with membership of an exclusive program, highlighted by the rights to a bespoke, hand-distilled Australian Agave Spirit that represents the ultimate in personalisation and ultra-premium spirits.

Tokens represent the first pre-sales of our future 100% Australian agave spirit.

Only 100 tokens will be minted in the first year, with this world-first NFT providing membership of an exclusive program. Tokens are priced at A$10,000 +GST and can be re-sold at any stage on NFT marketplaces.

Each token will be allocated 10 plants personally selected by the Australian Agave Project’s chief agronomist at TSI’s Eden Lassie spirit farm in the heart of The Whitsundays. NFT owners will be able to choose their plants from one of four prized fields at the farm, where they will be cared for until ready to be distilled.

As plants mature, NFT owners will receive special updates on the progress of their plants through the use of industry-leading drone technology, personalised content and a host of others rights and benefits.

Each distillation will contain plants tagged to that token via a custom micro batch process that will be built alongside the farm’s main distillery and production facility. The result will be a bespoke, hand-crafted 100% Australian agave spirit that will be unique from token to token, making it one of the rarest artisanal spirits in the world.
TSI CEO Drew Fairchild says the Australian Agave NFT represented the new era in the premiumisation of global spirits.

“This NFT is unlike anything that is currently available anywhere in the world. To have individual plants nurtured on your behalf and then receive ultra-premium, 100% Australian agave spirit from these plants positions this program at the forefront of technological innovation and spirit creation."

“The owner’s tagged agave plants will be used in their bespoke distillation, thus meaning each batch will never be re-produced. It is the ultimate expression of personalisation and represents the first step in our ambition to forge a new frontier for agave spirits globally.

“This exclusive experience also provides a rare chance to be a part of history and participate in a pioneering agricultural project.

“We are also leveraging the security of blockchain technology to manage contracts digitally and provide potential liquidity for token holders.

“The launch of the Australian Agave NFT is the first demonstration of how technology will play an increasingly important role in TSI’s overall strategy and its ambition to connect consumers with its portfolio of brands in progressive ways.”

NFT purchases can only be made via registration on the Australian Agave NFT website: Tokens will be available on the first-come, first-served basis.