It's how Australians do whisky
NED is a spirit of fierce independence. It's an example of what happens when Aussies get together, roll up their sleeves and rewrite the rules along the way. NED embodies a shared attitude that reflects both the intrigue of the brand and the people that drink it.
Daring, Strong, Australian
First, we select only the finest Australian grain to mash and ferment using a proprietary process that takes the best of single malt production and combines it with sour mash techniques to create a spirit that is fiercely independent and unlike anything that has come before it. NED’s predominately corn mash bill has been carefully chosen to distill and mature a whisky which is bold, mellow and rich.

It's a whisky made uniquely for the way Australians want their very own whisky to taste, carried by a brand that is universally recognised as being iconic and quintessentially Australian.