August 17, 2021

The LOYALTY of NED is a celebration of commitment and holding true to a daring, bold, plan. 

Ned always showed fierce loyalty to his family and those who supported his cause.

Inspired by this loyalty, the fourth release from the NED Barrel House is a celebration of commitment and holding true to a daring, bold plan. Bringing NED Whisky from the idea to the bottle needed daring and loyalty from those who backed us to bring that vision to life.

All those early supporters were given their own 20-litre barrel of whisky in 2019 when we launched our dedicated NED Whisky distillery in Campbellfield. But before we sent barrels out to the NED family and friends, we had to test it!

Almost 3 years ago, we trialed aging NED in 20-litre American oak casks. Together with some of our 200-litre virgin American oak, and some quirky 500-litre European oak, its these Origin casks have been blended to make Batch 4 of The Wanted Series, Loyalty!

The LOYALTY of NED also celebrates opening up the loyalty barrel program to everyone. We have made available a selection of 20-litre virgin American oak barrels, filled with NED new make spirit at 50% ABV.  You can follow the maturation of the barrel over the next two to three years, as it ages towards the same bold flavours you taste in NED Loyalty.


Tasting Notes

Loyalty is an oak bomb of a whisky, big bold tannin, mellowed with vanilla and caramel, before a long finish of dark chocolate and orange.  Powerful, daring, bold, loyal.

Aroma: Rich sweet dry fruit and spiced oak

Taste: bold aged savoury / spiced oak, silk vanilla, caramel and fruit tones

Finish: dry and soft heat finish, complex yet balanced.

ABV: 44%









20-Litre Barrel Codes

R + D  006

R +  D008

R + D  015

R + D  005

R + D  020

R + D  013

R + D  012

R +D  009