It's how Australians do whisky

NED is a spirit of fierce independence. It's an example of what happens when Aussies get together, roll up their sleeves and rewrite the rules along the way. NED embodies a shared attitude that reflects both the intrigue of the brand and the people that drink it.

NED is the fastest growing in whisky in Australia in both bottle and ready-to-serve formats, growing at more than 400% in FY21.

With more than 1.6m litres of whisky currently under maturation - the largest in Australia for a single brand - the next phase of NED's growth is channel expansion via an increase in available inventory.

Award-winning whisky

The Wanted Series, NED’s super premium range of small batch Australian whiskies, received multiple accolades in the 2021 Melbourne International Spirits Competition.

The three releases entered each collected a medal, with two Silvers and a Bronze.

Launched in December 2020, The Wanted Series is the first release of limited edition, premium whiskies from the NED Barrel House. Each release in this series is unique, with the TSI distilling team matching the spirit style of individual barrels with the creative direction of each new product to deliver NED’s signature richness.