Australian Agave Project

More than half a million Agave plants maturing
We are creating a one-of-a-kind, sustainably-produced Australian Agave spirit category on the doorstep of one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It will be a spirit of global relevance that forges its own path; not bound by tradition nor convention.

Creating a new spirit category

Our Agave spirit farm between Airlie Beach and Bowen in The Whitsundays is a strategic asset that will allow us to create and define a first-of-its-kind spirit category - Australian Agave - and be a leading brand in the ever-growing and changing world of spirits. With Tequila and Mezcal earning an average compound growth rate of 7.51% over the last six years in the USA, TSI’s Australian Agave spirit and brand is being developed with international markets in mind. The pioneering project comprises the unique 380 hectare farm, a R&D partnership with Adelaide University and an innovation hub with Anther Experimental Distillation in North Geelong.

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