Stage 1 of Grainshaker Local Distillery open
March 9, 2021

Stage 1 of the Grainshaker Local Distillery in Melbourne’s inner north has opened its doors.

The venue, located adjacent to the Welcome to Thornbury precinct, marks the launch of TSI’s ‘small still business model’ as outlined in its Prospectus in late 2020.

Consistent with TSI’s desire to offer consumers highly engaging branded experiences, the Grainshaker Local Distillery will not only connect the brand and its vodka distillation process directly with consumers, but be used as an incubator and innovation hub where TSI can further pursue its research and development programs, including education and collaboration with local distillers to help support Australia’s thriving spirits industry.

While brewery venues and some distilleries have been successful in executing this model for some time, TSI is taking this model a step further by partnering with successful hospitality providers, such as Welcome To Thornbury, to create a first-of-its-kind model.

TSI’s premium Australian spirit brands are being taken to consumers around Australia, with the local distillery model allowing TSI to showcase its brands and distilling expertise in established and new venues.

TSI Managing Director Drew Fairchild said:

“Welcome to Thornbury has established itself as one of Melbourne’s pre-eminent and successful hospitality venues and its clientele and location in Melbourne’s inner north is a perfect fit for our Grainshaker brand. While the Grainshaker Local Distillery will operate as a stand alone venue, we are excited about the opportunity to draw upon the hospitality expertise of the Welcome To Group at this fantastic precinct.

“Partnering with local hospitality experts in locations where we can take our brands to consumers is a foundation of this model that we anticipate will roll out around Australia.”

Stage 2, which will include an expanded vodka education and tastings experience, alongside a doubling of the venue's capacity, will open in late March.

Any interested hospitality providers are encouraged to get in touch if they would like to open a discussion about a local distillery at their venue.