‍NED Awarded Six Medals at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
December 2, 2021

NED Australian Whisky has finished 2021 in style after being the second most awarded whisky at the 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ASDA) in Melbourne last night. 

The NED portfolio was awarded six medals, including Gold Medals for both The Wanted Series FLAIR and The Wanted Series LOYALTY.

Top Shelf International was awarded 9 medals overall including three for Grainshaker in the Contemporary Vodka section.

Last night’s recognition caps a milestone year for Australia’s whisky. The 2021 ADSA was the first time NED had been entered in this marquee competition and the recognition rounds out a highly successful year for the brand. NED has collected 14 medals at various distilling awards throughout2021 as it forges its own path and earns accolades from industry and consumers. As Grainshaker celebrates its first birthday, it finishes the year with 7medals across three competitions.

The Wanted Series has been showcase for the innovation, skill and expertise of the TSI distilling team throughout 2021. Over the course of six separate releases, the team has developed a range of super premium Australian whiskies recognised for its quality and refinement; each batch with a distinct profile while retaining NED’s signature bold, rich yet mellow character.

The Flair of NED is the second release in the series, inspired by Ned Kelly’s now infamous manifesto written in 1879. The 8000-word Jerilderie Letter as it became known, was written with flair and character; a passionate argument in support of his convictions.

Its these attributes that our distilling and maturation teams used as inspiration in the product development. Barrels were selected for their mellow sweetness but also their character and rich, long finish, before taste testing to finalise the perfect bottling strength for the release.

The Loyalty of NED is the fourth release in the series. It is a celebration of commitment and holding true to a daring, bold plan.

Bringing NED Whisky from the idea to the bottle needed the support from a loyal band of supporters who backed us to bring the vision to life.

Those supporters were given their own20-litre barrel of whisky when we launched our dedicated distillery in Campbellfield in 2019.

Before we sent barrels to NED’s family and friends, we trialled aging the spirit in 20-litre American oak casks. These Origin casks, together with some of our heritage 200-litre virgin American oak and some quirky 500-litre European oak, were then masterfully combined to create a bold, fresh and distinctive whisky.

About The Wanted Series

The Wanted Series is a collection of limited edition, super premium whisky releases from the NED barrel house. Each batch in the series combines barrel from a special stash of whisky matured in500-litre European oak, blended with a barrels from NED’s heritage 200-litreAmerican oak collection.

New American oak is punchy, powerful, and rich. European oak is structured, with dry tannin and elegance.  The American oak barrels give up generous oak sweetness and loads of wood flavours.  The500lt European oak age more slowly, giving mellower spirit, less intense oak, but allow the higher fruit notes to shine.

About Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Now in its seventh year, the Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) is Australia’s first and largest national spirits competition highlighting the innovation and excellence of Australian-manufactured spirits, liqueurs, aromatics and this year, vermouths.

Top Shelf International - 2021 Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards



NED Wanted Series #2 FLAIR

NED Wanted Series #4 LOYALTY


NED Australian Whisky 700ml

NED Wanted Series #3 DARING

NED Wanted Series #1 BRAVERY

NED Wanted Series #5 HONOUR



Grainshaker Australian Vodka - Corn


Grainshaker Australian Vodka – Wheat

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