TSI enters into MOU for supply of green energy at proposed Australian Agave Distillery
May 24, 2021

Top Shelf International (ASX:TSI) has today announced it has entered into a MOU with H2Energy Company Pty Ltd (h2ec) to develop low or zero emission “clean” technologies and/or processes at its one-of-a-kind Australian Agave farm in north Queensland. TSI and h2ec have been working together over a number of months in developing their vision.

The execution of the MOU is the first step in TSI’s ambition for the operations at its Australian Agave spirit farm at Eden Lassie to be free of emissions via the use of green energy including both solar and hydrogen.

TSI is seeking to make its operations highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

TSI and h2ec’s shared vision is to leverage Eden Lassie, as a project in action, that demonstrates progression towards the use of renewable energy and green hydrogen to deliver outcomes that offer benefits to the wider region.

Central to the success of this unique project is the identification of a clean, reliable and economically-feasible energy supply solution for the Eden Lassie operations.

“TSI has today embarked on the first step in its contribution towards decarbonisation of the Whitsundays  by entering into this MOU with h2ec,” TSI CEO Drew Fairchild said. 

“The proposed supply of green energy, including both solar and hydrogen, to power our Australian Agave Distillery will place TSI at the forefront of global sustainable spirit distilling operations and see the Eden Lassie distillery as one of the few ‘green’ distilleries in the world.”

“As the cornerstone customer, TSI is enabling h2ec to scale the green energy solution for others which will also benefit the company.  The provision of a parcel of land for h2ec to manage, construct and operate the facility to meet our energy needs over the long term, will also facilitate scaling to the benefit of others.”

“We are not in the clean energy business, but by partnering with h2ec we not only access our energy requirements and benefit from increased scale, we can do our bit in supporting the wider region.”  

“TSI is delighted to see the interest this project is generating, with h2ec also recently entering into a MOU with Ricochet Yachting to work towards delivering the first hydrogen fueled zero emission marine vessel into the Whitsundays.”

h2ec co-founder Simon Daniel said: “The forward looking team at TSI is laying a foundation for a unique opportunity for the Whitsunday Region’s key industries, particularly in tourism and agriculture, to be differentiated in the global market. Low or zero emissions, and sustainable business is no longer the future- it is achievable now and we are excited to work with TSI and all regional stakeholders to bring the team’s vision to life”

TSI and h2ec are now progressing from initial discussions to the identification and articulation of the operational solution for TSI’s energy supply. This body of work includes engaging and working jointly with third parties in order to maximise delivery efficiency, including surveyance work, planning applications and government grant applications.

The MOU is one of a number of initiatives TSI is pursuing as it continues to develop its Australian Agave Project plan. The farm is the only one of its kind in Australia and the largest in the southern hemisphere.

In April, it submitted an application for co-funding of its Agave Distillery under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative’s Manufacturing Translation Stream for Food and Beverage producers.

The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is a key element of the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which aims to help Australian manufacturers scale-up, compete internationally and create jobs.  The initiative co-funding grants are of between $1 million to $20 million, up to 50% of the eligible project expenditure.\

The project will also include the use of cutting edge digital and data technology, with the use of drones to provide not only key information on plant growth rates and health, but also enable TSI to identify individual agave and track their progress from plant to bottle.

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