Grainshaker Gold leads TSI spirits success
August 19, 2021

TSI’s portfolio of premium Australian spirits have walked away with a swag of medals from the 2021 Melbourne International Spirits Competition, including a coveted Gold medal for Grainshaker Handmade Australian Vodka.

Now in its eighth year, the competition features more than 200 submissions from distillers around the world.

Grainshaker Wheat was one of only two vodkas awarded the highest honour of a Gold medal among a field that included entrants from Australia and overseas.

Launched in October 2020, Grainshaker Wheat is created through a combination of two distillations of wheat that are blended and re-distilled together. Its distillation favours the traditional process of manually cutting the head and tails of the distillate by taste, keeping only the quality heart of the distillation.

The result is a spirit that is clean and light, with the wheat adding character of vanilla, citrus and a hint of anise.

NED Australian Whisky also collected medals in the competition.

The Wanted Series, NED’s super premium small batch Australian whiskies, received multiple accolades. The three releases entered each collected a medal, with two Silvers and a Bronze.

Launched in December 2020, The Wanted Series is the first release of limited edition, premium whiskies from the NED Barrel House. Each release features a barrel from a special stash of whisky matured in 500-litre European oak, blended with a barrel from NED’s heritage 200-litre American oak collection.

Each release in this series is unique, with the TSI distilling team matching the spirit style of individual barrels with the creative direction of each new product. Each release retains NED’s signature richness while delivering uniqueness in style.

The Wanted Series is part of an ongoing program of innovation from the NED Barrel Houses. They are home to Australia's largest volume of maturing whisky and are filled with exquisite spirit that will be launched via a number of special releases over the coming period.

TSI Award Winners

Grainshaker Hand Made Australian Vodka Wheat – Gold Medal

NED The Wanted Series BRAVERY - Silver Medal

NED The Wanted Series DARING – Silver Medal

NED The Wanted Series FLAIR – Bronze Medal